If you are interested in natural wines, you’ve already got some of the information. So, let’s dig a little deeper, together, hand in hand.

Natural wine is a mentality, a way of life. It is about questioning how we live, our place on the planet. Natural wine is free, it’s naked, with no additives, no alterations, it reveals itself with its pros and cons (unlike Man, it doesn’t always have them!)

We talked about greenwashing, we can help you to counter it with some handy tips:

Tip no.1: be wary of companies using derivations of the word “natural”, which are pleasing on the ear. Regulations around natural wine are just starting to be implemented, these cheeky companies know that and play with their words.

Tip no.2: the phrase “with no added sulphites” is not enough. Again, the cheeky companies have found substitutes for sulphites, like ascorbic acid (and you won’t see it on the label).

Tip no.3: if the wine has not made the transition to organic or biodynamic agriculture, there is a good chance that they are not natural, a good chance but not totally impossible because some winemakers refuse the certifications and still work very well.

Tip no.4: the wine is cloudy (common with unfiltered wines).

Tip no.5: the wine contains some gas (this is natural, it comes from fermentation and it protects the wine).

Tip no.6: the wine smells funny when you open it ; this could be many things, often it is what we call the reduction, namely the reduction of oxygen, it is a good sign, the wine won’t be oxidised.

Tip no.7: all three at the same time!

Tip no.8: none of the above but the wine is bursting with fruit and goes down like no one’s business!

And if all that is just too exhausting, drink the natural Caaaaaaat wines (if you are here it’s surely because you already like them!), visit outlets who specialise in natural wines (they exist) and ask advice from your local wine merchant (support your local business!).