Caaaaaaat, what’s that?

Like what we see in beer and spirits, Christophe Kaczmarek makes wine in collaboration with his friends winegrowers, whose common characteristic is respecting Mother Earth.

The Caaaaaaat Collection has nine wines like the nine lives of a cat (good old Egyptology) with three rosés, three reds and three whites (good old numerology). And we release a few special editions every now and then.

Caaaaaaat wines are therefore a joint effort, like four-handed cooking, except the hands are winemakers. They are all micro-cuvées that we try to make only with fermented grape juice, no chemicals on the vine or in the cellar, maybe a little added sulphur and only occasionally (depending on the vintage), the taste is the most important thing.

Everybody wants to be a Caaaaaaat 🎶

Whether you’re putting the world to rights with Atomic, surprising your guests with Karate or feeling like you’re part of high society with Banana… we want you to enjoy yourself! Regardless of your age, your budget or your experience, you’ll find the Caaaaaaat for you.

Whether you’re drinking our wine with a roast partridge with all the trimmings or a taco, we love you. Because that’s what wine is: free enjoyment, sharing. Because that’s what Caaaaaaat wines are: the freedom to have a glass, unwind and laugh.

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