Christophe Kaczmarek, crazy creator

His ears prick up when someone talks about wine. He listens to Chopin, Kanye West, Moor Mother, Thelonious Monk, Led Zeppelin… He drinks wine (no, really?!), a little beer and a lot of champagne (at the same time?).

Christophe is the originator of the Caaaaaaat collection, a lover of wine, a dreamer. His career led him to promoting French wine in Europe, the Middle-East, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. In 2015, he struck out on his own and decided to travel less and concentrate on the essentials; by starting out as an agent representing a dozen family farms who respect nature.

In 2019, Christophe took the leap into production. Since then, he’s been crafting wines with his talented winegrower friends, whose talent and drive he admires. And so the Caaaaaaat collection was born, wines in his image, which stand out, which upset sometimes, which are provocative, geeky and always in alignment with his values which we can summarise in one word: respect.

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Wine, wine and more wine!

In our wines, there are grapes, grapes and love… but why put cats on a cosmic background?

1. To jazz up the snout bamboozlers,
2. To travel by eyes,
3. Why not?
4. We don’t take ourselves seriously (life is too short for that)
5. We love wine, cats and the universe, we little human beings lost in the infinitely big,
6. Cats are free creatures, our wines are free creations!
7. The universe, space, reminds us that we are not much, that we never own our vines – what a few centuries of supposed ownership in the face of an Earth that has 4, 55 billion years? – simply passers lucky enough to be there at some point.

Caaaaaaat, these are free wines, insolent wines, which question, surprise, explode! Whether you like them or not, don’t let your cats drink them.