quel vin choisir pour un pique-nique

What wine should you choose for a picnic façon French Chef Arnaud Delvenne?

Recently, Top Chef (pro cooking reality show) has seen French Chef Arnaud Delvenne put a light on…

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caviste paris

Short interview of Ms Rachel Gay from La Planque (Savoy)

We like to shine a spotlight on our partners, so we’ve decided to talk about Rachel Gay, wine…

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Rosé, is it wine?

Let’s get straight to the point: yes! It’s even the second most popular wine colour in France,…

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Four-hands, what does it mean?

Massage? Cooking? We practically massage the vines, we practically cook the wine with four hands,…

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vin bio; vin biodynamique ; rosé de provence

Interview of Domaine de la Navicelle, partenaire of our Côtes de Provence « Sunny Caaaaaaat »

Making four-handed wine is about combining winegrowers’ know-how, rooted in their terroir, with…

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Caaaaaaat Collection - Vin nature Cosmic caaaaaaat

Creating a bridge between the different worlds of wine

With the Caaaaaaat wine collection, we want to create a bridge between the drinkers of…

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Bouteille de rosé Atomic Caaaaaaat

How to recognise a good/real natural wine?

If you are interested in natural wines, you’ve already got some of the information. So, let’s dig a…

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