« S’ils doutent encore et encore, s’ils observent beaucoup et s’ils sont passionnés par la microbiologie, alors un jour, peut-être, ils feront un bon vin ».
– Jules Chauvet

First of all, “natural wine” is a funny way to describe wine for us at Caaaaaaat, because by definition wine is a man-made product. You cannot stumble across some wine out in the wild, it requires the intervention of winegrower, to come from grapes (those guys are natural!).

So, simply put, natural wine is a wine which is made as naturally as possible:

– No synthetic products: not in the vineyards, not in the storehouse, anywhere
– Manual harvesting
– A total sulphur/SO2 rate lower than 40mg/L

Sulphur dioxide is a colourless gas, with a penetrating smell in its natural form, but discreet when dissolved in a liquid. All fermented products contain sulphur dioxide. It is a natural process from the fermentation. Sulphur is a preservative which is naturally present in fermented products.

Are you following?

For wine, we use the term sulphites. Even in unsulphured wines, you can have up to 20 milligrams per litre (20gr/L), because sulphites are naturally produced by yeast during the winemaking process. This is why wines with “zero sulphites” do not exist and why we use the term “no added sulphites”.

Making a natural wine requires time, energy, lower yields, sorting grapes (to avoid any bad bacteria, therefore the unbalanced use of sulphur). Producing a natural wine involves higher costs, logically.

The better we want to do something, the longer it takes, the more expensive it is; even if we’d like it to be otherwise, “time is money” (as said the man on the 100 dollar bill). The care given to the soil involves more workforce to work it, organise the organic treatments, sort the grapes, and make wine with care. It is an entirely different world: our wines require more financial resources and fewer environmental resources. In other words, it hurts the wallet and helps the planet!

If you are interested in natural wines, you’ve already got some of the information. So, let’s dig a little deeper, together, hand in hand.

Natural wine is a mentality, a way of life. It is about questioning how we live, our place on the planet. Natural wine is free, it is naked, with no additives, no alterations, it reveals itself with its pros and cons (unlike Man, it doesn’t always have them!)

At least 3 years for all of them! And if you want to store them, we recommend putting aside Karate Caaaaaaat and Supreme Caaaaaaat. Be a wine enthusiast like us: try one bottle every year, over 10 years, so you can enjoy how it ages over time.

Every bottle in the Caaaaaaat collection is made, bottled, labelled and packaged at our partner winegrowers’ domains.

Yes and no!

Thanks to our logistics partner (big hug to them!), we can deliver to you throughout mainland France and Corsica. If you prefer talking to wine merchants or drink our wine in a restaurant or a bar, check out our list of our points of sale, we love wine merchants and restaurant owners.

For other countries, we sometimes have sales points, and sometimes we don’t yet. Get in touch with us and we will let you know. And if you can help us find a new spot, we will send you a gift.

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