Making four-handed wine is about combining winegrowers’ know-how, rooted in their terroir, with that of a former globetrotter who tastes everything, smells everything (like a cat!).

For our summer rosé, we’re heading off to Provence, to the wonderful Domaine de la Navicelle, with its 21 hectares of vines cultivated with a desire to regenerate the ecosystem, respect nature. The vines are Organic and Biodynamic agriculture certified.

At the head of sales and production: Alice and Romain.

How would you describe the Domain in a few words?

Romain – La Navicelle: ecosystem, biodiversity, maritime influence are the main characteristics of the domain! All while very distinctely highlighting the notion of terroir.

How do you work in the vineyards and the cellar?

Romain – Organic farming and biodynamic methods are day-to-day for the team, with a particular preoccupation for the lifecycle of the soil. Zero chemical weeding, zero insecticides, 100% manual harvesting, super selective sorting, wine-making with perfect plot selection, these are the keys to the finesse and expression of our wines.

What do you think is essential for making a good wine?

Alice – Good grapes, harvested at the right time because it all starts on the vine! Then passion, patience and a touch of madness.

We cocreated Sunny Caaaaaaat. What was the best part (other than Christophe 😸) about cocreating this wine for the Caaaaaaat collection?

Alice – Christophe is passionate, like us! Working with him was a foregone conclusion. He knows how to translate our work, to explain it to his customers with spirit and talent. There’s great synergy and a human adventure above all. And also, we love cats!

What would you like to say to anyone who wants to work in the wine industry?

Alice – The world of wine is exciting, rich and multi-faceted, but paradoxically, also quite small. Nothing is easy, you need to be patient, curious, open and creative.

An ode to Provence?

Alice & Romain – Provence elates the senses! The smell of garrigue and lavender, cicada song and the sound of wind going through the pine trees, the changing lights, the bright colours… It amazes the nose, the taste buds and the eyes!

At Caaaaaaat, we like working with Domaine de la Navicelle. It is an uncommon Domain which places importance on the land and respecting nature. Having the desire to work with organic and biodynamic wine is quite rare for a Rosé from Provence!

They also have a distinctive characteristic: Tibouren! An unusual grape variety present in the crazy Sunny Caaaaaaatcuvée. And of course, as with all our four-handed wines, this variety is above all the result of cooperation between humans who like and respect each other.