Making a four-handed wine is about combining the winemakers’ expertise, which is rooted in the terroir, with that of a former globe-trotter who tastes everything, smells everything (like a cat).


Can you describe yourself in a few words?
Domaine des Pothiers is a polyculture family farm. The farm has a history, it’s been in the family for several centuries with a large winemaking activity and a cattle breeding section (Limousine and Jersey cows). I wanted to keep up the cattle farming to preserve an gricultural dimension, and also because it’s part of the farm’s biodynamic world.

How did you get into winemaking?
I didn’t really have a eureka moment because I had always seen my dad working in the vineyard and making wine, I always enjoyed working with him. One day I told myself I’d carry on with the job, that I’d take over the farm. I think I always had that feeling inside.

How do you work in the vineyard and the cellar?
With respect for nature, by maintaining the balance. We work with Biodynamics and try to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. We grow the vines as gently and respectfully as possible. In the cellar, we try to work with the lowest amount of inputs, even with none when we can, to respect the grape, the wine and its consumer.

The wines

For you, what is essential to creating a good wine?
Good grapes of course!
Making good wine is about a multitude of little details. Some seem insignificant but are important. It requires care and rigour. Above all, good wine starts with the vine and the quality of the grape, then it’s up to us to make the most of it.

Is there a message behind your wines?
No, I’m not into politics. I don’t think there’s a message behind my wines. What I try to convey is enjoyment, wine is about celebrating, craziness, good times and I definitely don’t want my wines to be dogmatic!

What would you like to say to anyone who wants to become a winemaker?
Go for it! Go for it because it’s not impossible. If you want to do it, there’s no reason it won’t work. There’ll obviously be some work (laughs) but you have to go for it!


What did you enjoy the most when co-creating Banana Caaaaaaat?
I like the relationship we have with Christophe because we work with trust and that pushes me to make different wines, which takes me out of my comfort zone. I understand what Christophe wants and how he sees wine, which is sometimes different to how I see it. So I work under his vision and this forces me to ask myself some interesting questions.

Do you have a winemaker’s dream to share with us?
My goal is to try to always do better in terms of quality and not to develop in quantity.
I’d like to have a little more finesse, and improve some details.
Maintain the polyculture aspect, and maybe even develop it, try to have something larger, add new things to the farm, maybe visits or a restaurant or something. Diversify the farm even more, doing it in an intelligent, environmentally friendly and social way.

Thank you for the chat Romain.
Thanks to Domaine des Pothiers for being our partner.
We love you!