We like to shine a spotlight on our partners, so we’ve decided to talk about Rachel Gay, wine specialist at La Planque in Savoy, Caaaaaaat ambassador, partner in crime.


It all started when Rachel was 10 years old, she fell in love with the label on a bottle of Muscat from Cap Corse. On this day, she announced to her parents that she would become a wine specialist. Since then, she’s blazed her trail and has never looked back. She’s studied wine, held internships with wine estates, had experience with a wine shop with over 4000 references in Canada, and finally, returned to France. In Paris, Rachel had a professional meeting with Yann Diologent (to whom she had already sold Muscadet a few years earlier), which would be decisive. She belonged in Paris at the wine shop Le Sourire au Pied de l’Echelle.

Her favourite customer? One who knows nothing about wine, it opens up endless possibilities.

Her favourite pairing for Atomic Caaaaaaat? A delicious strawberry tart to bring out its wonderful citrus notes.

What’s it like being a woman in the world of wine? “Even though I’ve been pretty lucky because I’ve always been taken seriously by my colleagues, it’s true that a woman, as is the case in many sectors, needs to prove herself more than her male counterparts. And there’s always that customer who only wants to talk to the boss… but luckily that’s not the majority, and that’s great!”

So if you want to make the most of Rachel’s expertise, head over to:

La Planque, 2 Rue des Vernaies, 74230 Thônes, France.

More info here : https://laplanquecaviste.fr.

And if you want to try Atomic Caaaaaaat with a strawberry tart, go to your favorite wine shop and pastry!