What is Supreme Caaaaaaat?

Supreme Caaaaaaat

Supreme Caaaaaaat pays homage to the goddess Bastet, a descendant of Ra (the Sun God). She is a goddess of music, the sistrum being her instrument; the basket and the knife are two of her other symbols. Bastet is a feline goddess with a dual identity. In her cat form, which is her most regular form, she embodies the warmth of the sun, fertility, the joy of home, and carnal pleasures. Provoke her anger, and Bastet will transform into a lioness, a protective and fierce warrior.

Supreme Caaaaaaat magnifies the genius of nature in wine, specifically that of Chablis. The renowned "liquid gold", here, comes from single vineyards grapes from my friend Cyril Gautheron. Fermented spontaneously, meaning with its indigenous yeasts and without oenological additives, vinified without sulfites with a slight addition before bottling, this cuvée will only see the light of day in years when the conditions allow us to harvest healthy grapes, with yeasts vigorous enough to give rise to an aromatic profile of great class.

How is the Supreme Caaaaaaat cuvée different from other Chablis wines? It's simple: to produce such a wine in this northern appellation with a continental climate (where the pressure from cryptogamic diseases is high) is like painting a Rembrandt!

Chablis, an internationally renowned appellation

The Chablis vineyard is located 180 km southeast of Paris. Although it is geographically closer to Champagne, this vineyard is part of the Burgundy wine region.

The Romans were the first to plant vines in the region. After numerous historical upheavals, the Chablis vineyard now extends over four delimited areas: 730 hectares (ha) of Petit Chablis, 3150 ha of Chablis, 770 ha of Chablis Premiers Crus, and 104 ha of Chablis Grands Crus. The soils of the best parcels are composed of Kimmeridgian limestone, rich in marine fossils, including the famous "exogyra virgula" oyster shell.

Notably, Chablis wine is exclusively produced from the Chardonnay grape variety.