Burgundy white wine! A free Chablis.

Supreme Caaaaaaat pays homage to the goddess Bastet, half cat, half lioness, daughter of Râ (Sun god). Cat in her main form, she incarnates the warmth of the sun, fertility, household happiness and carnal pleasures. Provoke her rage and Bastet will transform into a lioness, a vengeful, protective and ferocious warrior. Supreme Caaaaaaat is only produced on great vintages. It is a rare wine, which will allow you to rediscover the taste of Chablis. It will be a revelation or your new indulgence.

Cuvée: Supreme Caaaaaaat
Colour: White
Region: Burgundy
Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Designation: Chablis
Alcohol: 12.5%
Size: 75cl

No added sulfur

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Colour: golden white, golden yellow tints.
Nose: pineapple, oyster shell.
Palate: full-bodied and ample, with a mineral and saline finish.

Plots with multiple exposures, planted on the beautiful Chablis terroirs with its famous Kimmeridgian limestone bedrock.

Winemaking process
Manual harvest with the grapes being sorted on the vine. The harvest is entirely destemmed and gently pressed before undergoing a spontaneous fermentation between 18° and 20°C. Made using indigenous yeasts (“wild yeasts”), Supreme Caaaaaaat has no inputs throughout the entire winemaking process, some vintages only a minimal dose of sulphites is added at the bottling (not for 2023 vintage). Lightly filtered (by will of our partner). Matured for 9 months on fine less in a taylor-made stainless steel tank. Total SO2 <10mg/L.

This is a “four-handed” wine. It was created by Christophe Kaczmarek and Cyril Gautheron, winegrower from Domaine Gautheron in Chablis.

As always, Caaaaaaat wines are made, blended, bottled and packaged on site.

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