Red wine from the South West of France! Single vineyard “jardin” (garden).

K-Pop Caaaaaaat is a pure fermented grape juice, a terroir wine, a fine wine. Don’t know how to match it with food? Pair it with that ddu-du, ddu-du, du!
Contemplators of planets, one-night magicians, free-spirited storytellers, we heard you: K-Pop is also available in Magnum.

Cuvée: K-Pop Caaaaaaat
Colour: Red
Region: Gascogne
Grape Variety: 90% Merlot, 10% Ugni Blanc
Designation: Vin de France
Alcohol: 13%
Size: 75cl

Natural Wine

No added sulfur

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Colour: purple colour with violet tints.
Nose: floral (peony), fruity (blackcurrant).
Palate: delicate and subtle, with a fresh and loooooong lasting finish.

Single vineyard “jardin” grown with respect for nature, planted on silty clay soils with a limestone bedrock (Burdigalian).

Winemaking process
Destemmed and whole bunch Merlot (50/50), 12-day skin maceration, free-run and press juices blended together. The Ugni Blanc is 100% destemmed and vinified separately. Made using indigenous yeasts (“wild yeasts”), K-Pop Caaaaaaat has no inputs at any point in the process. No chaptalisation, no deacidification/acidification, no colouring, no thickening… we respect ourselves and we respect you. Fermentation in tanks, maturation on fine lees. Unfiltered. No added sulphites (total SO2 <10mg/L). Natural wine.

This is a “four-handed” wine. It was created by Christophe Kaczmarek and Michel Maestroujuan, winegrower from Domaine Entras, in Gascogne’s heart (South West of France).

The wines are made, blended, bottled and packaged on site. From the vine to the cellar, everything is done with the aim of respecting nature, regenerating the soils, promoting biodiversity and respecting the people who are part of it.

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