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Wine from the South West of France. A pomegranate squash for adults!

Do you want to surprise your mates or loosen up a family meal? You will love this bottle for any season with a burger with onions, a blackberry crumble, a four cheese pizza… or a chicken pie, whiskey flambéed king prawns (a must), or a roast partridge with all the trimmings!

Cuvée: Atomic Caaaaaaat
Colour: Rosé
Region: Cahors
Grape varieties: 80% Malbec, 20% Tannat
Appellation: Vin de France
Alcohol: 12%
Size: 75 cl

Natural wine

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Colour: bright garnet colour, ruby tints
Nose: generous, like a pomegranate squash mixed with soft spices
Palate: smooth and balanced, with notes of grenadine, strawberry, cherry, soft spices

Vineyards grown with respect for nature, planted in soil comprised of Kimmeridgan limestone and third Mindel terrace.

Winemaking process
Manual harvest, with grapes being sorted directly on the vine. Saignée and direct pressing methods. Made with indigenous yeasts, the Atomic Caaaaaaat rosé has no inputs at any point in the entire process. No chaptalisation, no deacidification/acidification, no colouring, no thickening… basically, we respect ourselves and we respect you. Matured in steel vats. A minimal dose of sulphur is added during bottling in order to ensure the long term stability of the wine. No fining, no filtration. Total SO2 <25mh/L. This is a natural wine.

This wine was created by Christophe Kaczmarek, in partnership with his friends from Cahors working with respect for Mother Earth.
The wines are made, assembled, bottled and packaged on the estate. From the vine to the cellar, everything is done with the aim of respecting nature, regenerating the soils, promoting biodiversity.

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