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Red wine from the Volcanic Loire! A fruity explosion.

Do you like super limited editions, like SUPER limited? This 100% Gamay Saint-Romain, from the volcanic soils of the Côte Roannaise, absolutely does not taste of bananas. The bottle only contains… drumroll please… grape (wow! How do they do it?!). It is what we insiders call a “pure juice” (“pur jus” in French). This unique cuvée is released on the third Thursday of November. Very few bottles have been produced. A rarity, a delight.

Cuvée: Banana Caaaaaaat
Colour: Red
Region: Loire
Grape varieties: 100% Gamay Saint-Romain
Appellation: Vin de France
Alcohol: 13%
Size: 75 cl

Natural wine

No added sulphur

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Colour: deep red colour, violet tints
Nose: graphite, smoky, blackcurrant
Palate: taut with notes of dried flowers

Vines grown with respect for Mother Earth. Terroir of altitude. Granitic soils.

Winemaking process
Manual harvest, with grapes being sorted directly on the vine. Made with indigenous yeasts, the Banana Caaaaaaat wine has no inputs at any point in the entire process. There is no fining and no added sulphur. And, do we need to say it? No chaptalisation, no deacidification/acidification, no colouring, no thickening… basically, we respect ourselves and we respect you.

This wine was created by Christophe Kaczmarek, in partnership with his friend Romain Paire, in the Côte Roannaise. The wine making process is carried out with no added sulphur and no oenological input replaces it. It’s a real natural wine, a pure juice.

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Not advised
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